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Photography Exhibition – “Water Stories”

“A photograph is a song. The photographer’s voice is in her eye. Sometimes Hanne’s eye casts a soft light in darker places, and other times the light is blinding. Hanne’s photographs remind me how great it is, to be alive. They are pure poetry, with no need for words. And

Ocean Strength (I)

Posing (IV)

'Reaching For The Clouds'

Posing (III)

Posing (II)

Posing (I)

'Follow The White Rabbit'

Unknow Thyself (VII)

Unknow Thyself (VI)

Unknow Thyself (V)

Unknow Thyself (IV)

Unknow Thyself (III)

Unknow Thyself (II)

'Dreamer And Warrior'

Unknow Thyself (I)

Facing the Beast (II)

  Facing the beasts In the dark hour of dusk Strength is found In the most unlikely of places Looking straight into their eyes Recognising the reflection Tears touching hard rock Gently polishing off its edges Beastly guardians Of an unfathomable mystery Living in a shadowland; Obsidian stars falling From

Facing the Beast (I)

Winter Glow

  Winter glow Longer days Are drawing nearer Perhaps too Our inner sight Will become clearer As we transition From dark to light May the mystery of darkness Become a resting place The yin and yang Of our souls Connecting inner and outer space Spinning perspectives On our existence To

Clash of the Titans

The Flight of Sea-Birds

Whilst Tilting Its Head, It Looked Straight Into My Eyes…

When the Sea Reaches for the Clouds (IX)

When the Sea Reaches for the Clouds (VIII)

When the Sea Reaches for the Clouds (VII)

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