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Once a Sea

  Once a sea Now a timeless place For us to see To sit on the crest To simply be


Life’s Simplicity

  Desert tree Life’s simplicity It doesn’t ask; “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” It is simply there ~

What is Reality?

  Descending, feet in flames Yet, my spirit is soaring high At one with the desert And the clear blue sky Transcending Aching physicality Wondering; how bizarre – What in truth is reality? ~

Desert Dome

  Desert dome Although foreign to me In these desert landscapes I am mysteriously at home ~

I Sense the Desert Wind

  Coming from nowhere Going to nowhere I sense the desert wind ~

Desert Shadow

  Who are we in contrast to our shadow?   “The colorful Arava Mountains stretches behind me as far as my eyes can see. A subtle yet deeply familiar sensation awakens in me, a sensation I throughout the years have come to trust. How will it be to walk from

One Shot, Two Ways (III)

  I never tire of stepping back into the desert, even if just in spirit… In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Art of Nature

  I know, Voting it’s such a bore! Perhaps, even so, maybe you will throw one after me for this One Life International Photography Competition?  

The World Through Your Eyes (III)

  Dreaming the desert wandering into the mystery of life through the magic of existence following an unknown winding path today less traveled   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

The World Through Your Eyes (II)

  Light and water know there is a way through the many-colored layers of day we can follow suit or make a choice to simply stay…   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The orange, blue and white stripe painted on the rock is the sign saying: “you are right on track” Marking the Shvil Yisra’el. 1½ month wandering following these signs through the Negev and Arava Desert from Dimona to Eilat was as surreal as the photos might suggest…

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