Winter Tales From Behind The Lens

I’ve been so busy behind the scenes for months that my online presence have been appallingly poor. However, I have been going through my old archives of thousands of photographs and newest shots creating a new ‘blueprint’, a new style, a new expression for my work. It’s been a long, creative and exciting process of choosing which images will make the cut for new framed archival prints. And simultaneously months of trawling the internet and working closely with a local framer finding and making frames made from sustainable wood. Below is the result.

All image options 40+ are still not up on this website yet, working on it!! However, if it has your interest, please get in touch on and I will forward you a look into them all. They’re sold in size 21 x 21 cm framed, or larger size print only on demand. I have only 3 frames left for this year!

‘Connected Solitude’
Museum quality archival print. Frame made of sustainable oak, Acid free mount. Art glass.
Print size 15 x 21 cm. (29cm x 24cm with frame)
Signed on the front.
100% supporting Irish businesses.
They’re not yet up on my website. There are many options of print. Frames limited to 3 only for the rest of 2021!

Museum quality archival print. Frame made of sustainable oak, Acid free mount. Art glass.
Print size 15 x 21 cm. (29cm x 24cm with frame)
Signed on the front
100% supporting Irish businesses..

Not only have I worked on sustainably framed archival prints, I have also been working on newest edition of dual-purpose eco-friendly cards/small images to frame printed with plant-based ink, for the winter collection.

I am over the moon with the final outcome of this meticulous work with attention to every little detail, always considering the natural world and the environment in my work and the wonderful collaboration with the skilled printer Gerald Dunne at Pixelbrush in Co. Clare and framer Andreas at Gort Framing Studio, both based locally to me and both also photographers themselves.

My new work had its first exposure to the public this past weekend at the Christmas Market in the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon. The reception was very moving. The encouraging words, the lovely conversations moving in many directions and the purchases people have made, watching not only my newest framed work but also older pieces and eco-friendly cards/small images to frame finding their way to people’s heart and into their homes. It is truly a blessing after many months of work and before that years of dreaming and planning gathering momentum and leading up to the moment where I had enough courage to take the leap (and growing my wings as I fall) into giving my photography art my full time and attention, no longer just a sidenote. A meaningful sidenote it was, nevertheless still just a sidenote. But no more.

Below a little glimpse of my newest photographic artwork displayed in the Courthouse Gallery’s Christmas Market in Ennistymon this past weekend and my write-up in the aftermath of it.

“Thank you to everyone who called into the market at the Courthouse Gallery in Ennistymon over the weekend. It was such a beautiful experience ========== (my rescue cat’s big fluffy paws added her take on that, I’m sure it’s some kind of sophisticated insult) and utterly inspiring to hang out with all the wonderful and creative fellow artists and craftswomen. I am tremendously grateful to have received heartfelt and genuine encouragement from so many people. It is moving to see my artwork which all have a story behind them, have now found their people and future homes. This will always bring humble joy to me, but it’s felt particularly strongly this moment in time after years of dreaming and planning to now at long last having taken the leap to dedicate my time fully towards this inner mysterious well of creativity and love of the natural world.

Also, my love for animals is boundless. And I wish to help. I am not (yet) out there doing the often heartbreaking work of animal rescues, so the next best I can do is to try and help those that are. And what better way to combine my creativity with helping animals. I am at the start-up so the amount is limited, but hopefully over time… This month is dedicated to Burren Animal Rescue and this weekend my 1st edition eco-friendly cards brought in €77 for them. ❤

*I am aware that ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘charity’ is often used for advertisement or simply trendy buzz words, however I can assure you that it is genuine and comes from the deepest place of love.

4 Replies to “Winter Tales From Behind The Lens”

  1. Outstanding monochrome compositions!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kevin Crawford says:

    Hi Hanne,
    Your newsletter always brings joy and beauty into my life here in Brooklyn.
    All aspects and elements of your work and life ethics are truly inspirational.

    Thank you

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