Curlew #BirdWatchIE


The Curlew has become a rare sight in Ireland. Birdwatch Ireland calls for our help. They believe only a few hundred pairs are left in the country. It was my first time to see them. I was fortunate to have a few of them visiting for a little week. This one bathing just outside my window an early morning.
At night I heard their haunting cry. Definitely memorable.
They’ve left now, hopefully they’ve found a safe place for spring.

7 Replies to “Curlew #BirdWatchIE”

  1. Rachael says:

    Yes. Lovely to see. The last time I saw one was over thirty years ago. A number were fishing (I presume) an old moat around the house. Unfortunately, one of the cats caught and killed one. So sad. Never saw them again…

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    • Thirty years ago, it seems we’ve been incredibly lucky to see one in our lifetime! It is sad.
      Those cats, I love them. Entirely. But their killing/play nature is brutal. I have one but I don’t think she got any of the curlews, fortunately. Think she would have brought it in as a price if it was so…


  2. How wonderful it is to see them again, this rare and beautiful bird

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