I Am Listening (V)



I am listening
To your every word
And every tale
From twisted shapes
Slipping out from the dark
To formless stirrings within
Giving you wings

I am listening
Behind the words
And beyond the tales
To your life that flows
In a sacred place
Where stillness dwells
And stories have no hold

I am listening
To your laughter
And I understand your tears
I hear strength in your vulnerability
Your walls, constructions of the mind,
Crashing down without a sound
Freeing the voice of your heart

I am listening
Shrouded in mystery, raven cloak
Listening from the depth of my soul
Forged from a place of no place
When I listen, I am not ‘me’
Shifting shapes
I am listening still


2 Replies to “I Am Listening (V)”

  1. When inspiration comes back, it comes back strong, eh? Those are wonderful words, Hanne. I hope they continue to flow.

    Liked by 1 person

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