A Surge Within

Waves and the Wild III

7 Replies to “A Surge Within”

  1. kiwiskan says:

    fantastic action

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  2. I can just feel the spray on my face from that one. Do you move about just taking pictures of whatever catches your eye or do you wait at a favorite location knowing something will happen sooner or later?


    • Then my job is done. I think I possibly do a bit of both. I go to places that pulls me any particular day and then I see what catches my eye. There are days though I don’t bring my camera if I have a sense of just being present without it, or days I bring it but don’t take any photos. When it comes to most of my sea photos I have a spot I love to go to and I then observe the sea for a long time, it’s movements, where it’s crashing against the cliffs and I wait till the moment feels ripe before I point my camera in the direction that speaks to me. I can spend hours at the same spot.


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