A present

I’m touched, somewhat surprised and humbly honored when it happens my photos for some reason inspire other creative souls… Thank you much Frédéric for this beautiful piece!

10 Replies to “A present”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Thanks for the reblog! Prêt à recommencer 🙂 Have a nice day Hanne.


  2. How beautiful, and isn’t it wonderful when creative minds come together 🙂


  3. Rondje says:

    Beautiful, Hanne, both the words & photo!
    Have a great weekend, Ron.


    • Ron, thanks a mill for stopping by and leaving this kind comment. I can only take credit for the photo this time, the words are by the french poet Frédéric. An amazing thing, when someone else finds your work inspiring enough to add words to it.
      Have a great weekend too. I’m going to be backstage at a big Irish music festival. Now THAT we like too. lol!


  4. Love it Hanne…what a vista! You have a blessed eye. Beautiful pairing of poem and picture. Frédéric, you did an amazing job creating a tiny universe in that poem, and spilling wisdom like a song. Love your collaboration. I shall have to do this with you sometime, Dear One. Love to you, Sister ❤ Holly


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