Exposure 2013 and a Shy Irish Cow


My friend D signed me up for Exposure 2013. Here you’ll find a small carefully selected collection (there might be a shy Irish cow in there too) from my many years of dreaming and wandering. In colors. I wish to play more with black and white but in fairness, it’s been quite some colorful years, so I stayed with the colors.

It’s been some journey to go through all the photos again. And a lot of itching feet (2 only, to be honest) I do at times miss the places I’ve been, in particular the desert. 1½ months walking alone from Dimona to Eilat in the roar of the still is beyond words…
DSCN4253 - Copy


6 Replies to “Exposure 2013 and a Shy Irish Cow”

  1. seeker says:

    Keep on wandering, Han. You take good pictures especially the Holy Irish Cow. 😀


  2. Love these pictures. I was in Eilat many years ago; I went on a bus from Rehovot though so probably didn’t see so much! The boots in picture 1 look really comfortably well worn!! 🙂


    • Those boots holds many interesting tales… sweet bird, such luck she chose to rest on my old boots for a while for this photo. It was a special moment because it was also the exact moment I decided to change my flight and go on a long walkabout through the Negev and Arava desert. I started out in Dimona and walked for 1½ month all the way down to Eilat and literally walked straight into to sea for a much needed swim 🙂 The boots though only lasted 4 days, before I ended up in a horse-hospital with both feet up full of blisters, being cut, cleaned and wrapped and next to me a horse with a tube down it’s throat… now that would have made a fantastic photograph!! lol I healed, got new boots (still have those though for light walks) and wandered on…. It was such an extraordinary experience, solitude, desert, starry night sky, the rhythm of my steps, the nothingness and desert-scape and in particular the roar of the still… words just can’t describe it. I did bring pen and paper if words should choose to pass through me, and they did: “If I was to write anything, it would be nothing…” and that was it, literally! However I will post more photos of this journey when they ‘call out’ to be presented in a post…they’ll speak much stronger than my words ever will… Peter, thank you again for visiting here! If you ever get the chance to go to Israel again, do go into the desert, even for if for a day, I think it leaves no-one unaffected…


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