'The Winged One'

Limited Editions

‘Winter Twilight’
'Burren Tree'
‘Burren Tree’
‘Letting Go’
'In The Eye Of The Storm'
‘In The Eye Of The Storm’
The Need To Explore
‘Atlantic Surge’ #1
The Need To Explore
‘Atlantic Surge’ #2
'Rite Of Passage'
‘Rite Of Passage’
'Behind The Veil'
‘Behind The Veil’
'Follow The White Rabbit'
‘Follow The White Rabbit’
'Dreamer And Warrior'
‘Dreamer And Warrior’
'Reaching For The Clouds'
‘Reaching For The Clouds’
'Winter Glow'
‘Winter Glow’
'Salty Cascades' #2
‘Salty Cascades’ #2
'Salty Cascades' #1
‘Salty Cascades’ #1
'When The Clouds Part'
‘When The Clouds Part’
'King Of The Burren Goats'
‘King Of The Burren Goats’
'The Wise And The Curious'
‘The Wise And The Curious’
'Feral Goats Of The Burren'
‘Feral Goats Of The Burren’
'I Am In Charge'
‘I Am In Charge’
Burren Feral Goats #1
Burren Feral Goats #2
'Burren Heart'
‘Burren Heart’
‘Burren Stonewall’
‘Curiosity’ 1/44
'Seeing Deeper Than The Eye'
‘Seeing Deeper Than The Eye’ – A beautiful encounter with this horse in The Burren, Co. Clare.
'The Winged One'
‘The Winged One’

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