The Last Temple of the Celts

I’ve been absent from my blog for a while, for good reason. This in-depth piece of writing by William A. Young explains my absence in quite a detailed form. We are working on an intriguing project, since September last year. The recent part of it brought me for the first time to the highlands of Scotland and to worlds beyond the eye (not for the first time). I’m doing my utmost to capture not only the scenery but also the feel of the places enveloped in myths and legends which we wander through following ancient footsteps. In this piece, all the photographs are by William, saving mine (except a few) for hopefully future publications in magazines and perhaps, one day a book… Here’s our recent journey, I hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse into this other world.

Feral Words

druids The Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe, by Edward Atkinson Hornel & George Henry

The west of Europe used to be full of Celtic temples. In every settlement, every holy grove, every mountain top and ring of stones that held any import for the peoples of old there would have been some structure marked out as holy, a place to connect the people to the spirits who lived alongside of them. There were statues of gold and idols of stone, rings of trees wreathed with cloth, wells encircled by the swirling patterns of the art called La Tene. A vivid, distinct and technically accomplished culture did as all such cultures have done; piled up in its holiest of holies the greatest achievements of its civilisation, to honour the gods that it worshipped.

The afterglow of their achievements still hangs on the horizon. The illuminated gospels of Ireland, the giant carved stones of the Picts…

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3 Replies to “The Last Temple of the Celts”

  1. I just read this on his site…..sounds like a great trip up into the heart of winter💕😊

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    • Your country is holds incredible beauty! It was, as he wrote, as a welcoming when greeted with sun from a blue sky and the tranquil penetrating still of a winter landscape, mountains the castles upon which we set foot… I did not contact you this time, since I was only flying in to start the trek and out the day after arriving back in Edinburgh. With time… there’ll be a timing 🙂


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