Held in place
By invisible forces
A tread weaving its way
In the space between souls
On this night
Of the lighter half’s end
Connecting our many worlds
Welcoming the deepening darkness
On the threshold
Only a breath from letting go
Into the dark embracing whole


8 Replies to “Held”

  1. Andrew Seal says:

    How lovely to have re-discovered your blog Hanne as I had your old address in my blogroll. Great to enjoy your poetry and imagery once again.

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  2. D! says:

    “the space between souls” – such a mischievous tricky and evasive thing….

    there is a wonderful poem from Yehudah Amichai that speaks of this space. I will try to get (or make) a translation of it soon.

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  3. I missed this one; Samhain must have hidden it from me. You’ve a marvellous way of seeing the symbols in small things; wonderful words, wonderful vision.

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