The Wild Truth: The Symphony of the Crashing Sea, the Strength of the Desert Heart, & the Wise Songs Whispered by Quills

Please take out a long timeless moment and read these beautiful and strong words painted by the ink of a bard, a wild and fierce amazone soaring on winds of love, breathing in freedom and along the way being touched by this photo of mine to land this powerful tale of life through her eyes. I am honoured.

Inkberry's Quill

Epiphany by Hanne T Fisker Photography

In a music-filled room

Where this dreamer sits,

With echoing strings

And haunting voices

Resonating around me…

Unbidden tears drop

From blinking eyes

As I write with care-

The Memoriam,

For cooled ashes

That will soon live forever,

Amongst the elk

And the forests of the Pacific Northwest;

The poetry,

Remembering and rejoicing the life

Of a lost father;

Crafting words from a scarred, worn desk

With a old feathered quill,

That with every stroke of ink on paper…

Whispers wild tales

Of its former life-

In the unclouded skies,

Among the trees

And the melody of birdsong,

Longing to become whole…

To be nestled within wings again.

The yearning to be Other-

To be elsewhere,

From the lamenting feather

Within my shaking hand…

Sounds a plea to my soul

So loudly

As I write-

That when I look up

And I gaze into an image

Of a faraway shore

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4 Replies to “The Wild Truth: The Symphony of the Crashing Sea, the Strength of the Desert Heart, & the Wise Songs Whispered by Quills”

  1. Hanne~Thank you for re-blogging my poem in your pages here, and for consenting to a lovely collaboration with your fantastic photography as the muse…and for your sweet and heartfelt words that accompany it. ~Love & Blessings, Holly

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  2. elmediat says:

    Excellent. 🙂

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