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The Image Of A New Album By Luka Bloom – ‘out of the blue’

The image of Luka Blooms new album ‘out of the blue’.
I’m honoured to have my photograph as the cover of his new album.

After Rain

Isa (II)

Isa (I)

  Winter leaf of ice The fragility of form Inevitable change ~



  Flower of ice Melting at dawn Reborn in the night A timeless mystery Of death and life ~



Free Falling

Running Upstream

There’s white horse in this photograph, do you see it too?

Photography Exhibition – “Water Stories”

“A photograph is a song. The photographer’s voice is in her eye. Sometimes Hanne’s eye casts a soft light in darker places, and other times the light is blinding. Hanne’s photographs remind me how great it is, to be alive. They are pure poetry, with no need for words. And

'Underworld Currents' #1

Underworld Currents (I)

Multiple Directions of Water (II)

  When the wind has a say We never know In what direction Water decides to flow ~

Multiple Directions of Water (I)

Don’t Take it Personally

Temporal Sequentiality

When All Is Said

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