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When the Sea Reaches for the Clouds (IX)

What Simply Is

  Neutral life Filling it out With our inner eyes Projecting our own colors Onto boundless stillness Keeping track of time In a timeless universe Weaving the fabric Of stories around What simply is ~

A Day Gone By (III)

A Day Gone By (II)

A Day Gone By (I)

  A day gone by Bright wings Touching the sky Fading into dreams Makes me question Is anything what it seems? Moments constantly turning Into nothing But memories of the mind, burning Feathers gently brushing away The dream Of who ever I was today ~

Love is Love

  Love is love It remains the same Only the human experience of it Is in constant change Our hearts are created to love Love itself doesn’t bring pain Only when we shut it down For one Reason or the other, we are slain It’s beyond the story Allowing love

Mountain Blue

  Dedicated to this blue marble we call Earth. Not just today. Every day. ~

Giving Back the Day

  I’m giving back A day I didn’t see Sadly unused Wasted on me Foreign shadows Finding their way in On a beautiful day That could have been Eyes closed Spirit enclosed The inner Sea Roaring Wild Fighting To break Free Exhausted Sinking into the calm of night Under the

A Place in Between

  Last kiss Of the sun Mountains rest A place in between Hidden river deep Carrying me Into awaken sleep

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