'Letting Go'

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'Letting Go'

Letting Go

Free Falling

'King Of The Burren Goats'

Wild Goats Of The Burren #3

The last photographs from a mesmerising day surrounded by these wild goats of the Burren and in particular this male intrigued and impressed me and still does as I look at the photographs now. Such presence, such strong expressions…

Ocean Strength (III)

Ocean Strength (II)

Ocean Strength (I)

A Matter of Perspective (II)

A Matter of Perspective (I)

'Looking For The Key'

Looking For the Key

Rising (L1100205)

Rising – Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, the space in between…

'Winter Twilight'

Winter Twilight in the Burren

Looking Into The Sky

Underworld Currents (II)

'Underworld Currents' #1

Underworld Currents (I)

'Before It Started And Ended'

Before It Started And Ended

There Will Be Flowers (II)

At the foot of Mullaghmore, the Burren.

There Will Be Flowers (I)

At the foot of Mullaghmore, the Burren.

Completing a Circle



The Path (a remake of an old-ish photograph)

There are times, we know the path Yet dare not walk it. Other times we don’t know the path But walk it anyway. At times there is no path So, we create it, as we walk. And then there are moments beyond time Where the path dissolves And in humble


Where it comes from and where it goes So it is with the wind No one ever knows ~




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