'It Is Quiet Now'

Say It With A Card, Then Frame It… ~ ‘It Is Quiet Now’

Say it with a card, then frame it.... ~ 'It Is Quiet Now'
‘It Is Quiet Now’

Frost changed to real snow. For two full days. The moon and the snow made everything so bright it lifted the night into a mystical light. During the day, the sun was shining from a cool blue sky, reflecting the light in glittering snow and the thawing ice on branches of the trees. Breathtakingly beautiful to say the least. In fact so beautiful I can’t capture it with my lens. But it doesn’t stop me trying of course… However, I did capture a snowy stonewall a few years back…. and since it just snowed and January is still the depth of winter and we still must be a little quiet…. and mostly because this particular image ‘It Is Quiet Now’ is now available as a card/small image to frame or as a limited edition fine art print… and it helps animals too, not to mention the utmost care of detail to have as little impact on planet Earth as possible.


For each card/small image to frame sold, €1 will go to SCAR – Second Chance Animal Rescue in Co. Clare for the month of January 2021, which only has a few days left. Be sure to check out the other cards in the range too. There’s a sale on the older version of the cards too….

Where did January go??

Cards/small image to frame are printed with plant based ink. The paper is made from 40% post consumer waste using 15% of virgin tree pulp with the process residues of organic products. FSC certified. GMO free. ECF and acid free. Biodegradable and recyclable. 350gsm. It comes with a 100% recycled kraft envelope. Packaging and label 100% compostable.

Shipping worldwide.

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