Summer flew by…

… and I was making more coffee’s in my friends artisan bakery and cafe in Liscannor than taking photographs, however even so this was brewing in the background and has now arrived at my doorstep. Delighted!

In 2015 and 2016 I journeyed to Edinburgh in Scotland to meet up with fellow blogger William A. Young to begin an intriguing project of his, where I was to bring my camera and capture images of the trip and the mythical spaces in between. We hiked through woods and over mountains, along rivers and thundering waterfalls, passing stone circles and standing stones and subtle whispers was heard in the mist…
A little part of these trips is now published in a wonderful article written by William A. Young and with my photographs capturing snippets of the mystery we encountered. This might only be the beginning of words and photographs flowing from these trips, who knows… life sure is a mystery.

To purchase a copy, please follow this link:

4 Replies to “Summer flew by…”

  1. lexklein says:

    How exciting for you guys! I’d love to read it but am confused about the link. Is this a magazine (with a very long name!) within which your article exists? I suppose it’s not possible to just find your article, is it? In any case, congratulations on your work!

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    • It took me a while too, to figure it out. It’s a magazine that has published our article in their #2 volume. It’s unfortunately not available unless purchased. However, thank you it’s great to see ones work somewhere out there 🙂

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  2. Niall Heenan says:

    Well done Hanne, it must be hugely satisfying to see ones work published by a third party. I’ll track it down and consider it my unexpected Monday morning opportunity!

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    • Thank you much, Niall. It is wonderful to see, something that wouldn’t have happened in this form without the excellent writing and thorough work by William A. Young and his suggestion for collaborative work for this project. You might find it interesting to read his blog post on one of our other trips/hikes. It’s not my photographs in the post, as we’re saving them for possible future publications as this one although I’m itching to upload my photographs from this trip 🙂
      I hope all is well on your end, Niall.


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